Why is buying women gifts so hard for men…

Why is buying a woman a gift so hard for some men?

At fear of making sweeping statements I find that men fall into two categories when it comes to gift giving: those who find it relatively easy and enjoyable and those who would rather clean the toilet than address her upcoming birthday…….

The fears behind the latter

  • She won’t like it
  • She won’t like it
  • She won’t like it
  • Shit where do I start
  • And damn it’s tomorrow

Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s important for you to understand why women love to receive gifts…..I truly believe it’s in our DNA – just like women being natural care givers and nurturers we see a gift as validation of love and caring, appreciation, recognition and thanks for that we do. Confusing isn’t it just when you thought you were celebrating her Birthday or Christmas.

But don’t bother trying to understand the logic. Sigmund Freud once asked – What do women want? He didn’t have an answer! Well it is certainly clear he didn’t put that question to a room of women about gifts.

I watched my mum battle dad’s misguided attempts over the years with Mother’s Day presents. A vacuum cleaner, cause hey mum loved being a domestic goddess, a hair/beard trimmer so she could save him going to the barber and clearly really helpful for the 6 women in the house, a new lawn mower………the list is way too long but you get the gist.

In his defence he was big on lingerie, and yes one could argue that it was for him too but all us girls know how fabulous great lingerie makes us feel.

Don’t over think it, just know that women love gifts……..and don’t despair, she will still love you if you get it wrong (Mum did) but if you do get it right it will really make her day and yours!

Once you get your mojo you will realise why some men are really into it…..and….does Happy wife happy life ring a bell.

What to take from this – when buying her a gift

  • Will it make her smile and give you a hug?
  • I have enough jewellery said no woman ever
  • The above is same for Lingerie
  • And Black bags/clutches
  • And Homewares

And remember McCall&Green is stocked with lots to make her smile.